Shomir Banerjee for California State Assembly District 29

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California Assembly District 29

Here are my positions on some of the important issues in our community, as of August 6, 2020. However, my role as an Assemblyman would be to represent your viewpoint. Please share it.

Water management: Develop new water resources in the context of the restrictions on diversion of our streams and rivers and the fragile water table.

Coastal conservation: Keep Monterey Bay beautiful and productive by continuing to support sustainable fishing, and the already very successful conservation efforts.

Homelessness: Lower the cost of housing by encouraging a larger supply of housing.


  • Reduce anxiety about healthcare costs by requiring healthcare institutions to declare costs before and during their healthcare experience. Many physicians already do this.
  • Improve access to care for all, especially the underserved, by raising the reimbursements for Medi-Cal. Pay for the increased re-imbursements by reducing the human administrative oversight. Although this might seem to lend itself to fraud and abuse, algorithmic evaluation of claims can more efficiently catch fraud than humans, and simultaneously identify opportunities for better care. Raising reimbursements will increase choice.

Urgent Issues

Responses to the urgent issues of today, updated August 21, 2020

President's illness: My prayers are for his speedy recovery, and it appears many others have prayed, too, as he is doing well. The house staff at Walter Reed should be congratulated and thanked.

California fires: Here is a list of resources for tracking the fires and what to do: Monterey County alerts, Santa Cruz County fire alerts, statewide fires

Beirut disaster: The people of Lebanon are in my daily prayers. I pray that the wonderful people of Lebanon get the help they need. I have donated to the Red Cross.

COVID-19: An evolving disaster with no precedent in modern history. Wearing facemasks and handwashing regularly prevent personal infection and spread, as does social distancing. The greatest risk of harm is to those who have serious health conditions, but there is risk for all.

Proposition Positions

My view on the propositions in the November ballot, updated August 26, 2020
  • Proposition 14: No. Summary: Bond to fund stem cell research. Most stem cell research can be done using pluripotent adult stem cells. Bonds are additional debt.
  • Proposition 15: No. Summary: Requires commercial and industrial properties to be taxed based on market value despite opposition from county assessors who say it can’t be implemented.
  • Proposition 16: No. Summary: Reintroduces racial discrimination, repealing Proposition 209, (from 1996), which prohibited the state from discriminatory hiring for public employment, education, or contracting.
  • Proposition 17: No. Summary: Gives the right to vote to people convicted of felonies, who are on parole.
  • Proposition 18: No. Summary: Allows 17-year-olds who will be 18 at the time of the next general election to vote in primaries and special elections.
  • Proposition 19: No. Summary: Allows for broader portability of Proposition 13 tax benefits but increases property assessments on certain property following intergenerational transfers where beneficiaries do not reside on the property.
  • Proposition 20: Yes. Summary: Reverses excesses of Propositions 47 and 57 which have resulted in an increase in certain crimes. Restricts parole for certain offenders. Re-authorizes felony sentences for certain offenses currently treated as misdemeanors.
  • Proposition 21: No. Summary: Expands local governments’ authority to enact rent control on residential property.
  • Proposition 22: Yes. Summary: Considers app-based drivers to be independent contractors and enacts industry-specific labor policies including minimum compensation, health care subsidies and background checks.
  • Proposition 23: No. Summary: Authorizes state regulation of kidney dialysis clinics, including establishing minimum staffing, requires physician on-site, and consent from the state for a clinic to close.
  • Proposition 24: No. Summary: Establishes new government agency which expands the provisions of the recently passed California Consumer Privacy Act, (CCPA), and creates the California Privacy Protection Agency to implement and enforce the CCPA.
  • Proposition 25: No. Summary: Referendum to overturn a 2018 law that replaced the privately run cash bail system with a government run risk assessment system for suspects awaiting trial, eliminating cash bail system.

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Phone: (831) 777-2525


Shomir Banerjee

About Me

Shomir Banerjee, MD, MSEE, CEE. Dr. Banerjee was born in the USA. Dr. Banerjee is a practicing family medicine physician, electrical engineer, and a devoted father and husband. He has become intimately familiar with district 29 through serving the community as a physician in multiple locations practicing occupational medicine. He has been listening to the stories of his constituents for many years and now he wants to take those stories to Sacramento to make changes for our community.

Political background: Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. Resident of California Assembly District 29 for 8 years. I believe in civil discourse that allows for all people to have a voice and be heard.

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